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Many industries already use our software !

We provide open platform  digital signage networks and solutions including custom branded interactive kiosks that can be used by our partners and customers for a variety of business functions including events, reception, promotions, concierge, way finding or any other type of online interactive web site applications. We fully support a direct and partner model and can assist with integration of custom online web or offline solutions. Started in 2006 our online Internet digital signage network partner provider has over 200,000 screens being supported.  Our powered by Evans Media Online Network value is phenomenal;

With over $200 million in IT transformation solutions delivered and with strategic management experience we have the expertise to take on  many different consulting roles for any credit union, bank, retailer, IT or Digital Marketing company.   

  1. Sales Management & Client Account Leadership Consulting to direct and channel customers
  2. Strategic Planning -Custom High Level Consulting  (company level, research & planning, strategy development & trend analysis, project mgt)
  3. Program & Project Management  services
  4. Product Marketing creating, naming the brand, releasing new products
  5. Digital Marketing support of web site, smart phones, digital signage, atms, secure stations, check imaging , e-commerce, social media


1. Reception AD Kiosks and Secure web enabled stations for banking and auto.
2. Android HD TV Stick & Industry standard windows 7 media players .
3. Digital Signage Software & Cloud .
Amazing Digital Signage Function
Why Not Us?
Signage Studio Lite
No software to download it is web based using the cloud. It is an easy and intuitive way for everyone to create their own screen campaigns. Extremely easy to use anyone can quickly build campaigns. Video Tutorials are on the web site and chat services to help you get started. When ready you can upgrade to the full Signage Studio version. Just create a new account and select the Studio Lite option and a sample campaign and you are ready to start creating your screens.

Signage Studio Pro version
The SignageStudio is at the core of the Digital Signage platform. It is where you will spend most of your time, building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your complete digital signage platform. Using the Studio application you can create any number of campaigns. The campaign unify a set of timelines which together construct your final display output.
Signage Player Windows or Android and cellphone Support
The SignagePlayer Desktop version is a standalone application that can be installed on any Windows dedicated computer. The SignagePlayer Desktop version supports off-line playback; so in case of an Internet outage your viewers will not experience any interruption in the playback. A single SignagePlayer Desktop will support as many screens as the total number of video outs from a single computer.
Air Signage Player - Web Support
The Player is the work horse of our Digital Signage solution. It is a robust presentation player that was designed from the ground up to be efficient and secure. Built using an open source SDK, it supports the most widely used file formats including HD video, audio, animation and images.
The Player Web version is a great way to share your presentation with others. Simply use the [Copy to clipboard] button directly from any campaign and paste the URL to an email. Now it’s easy to collaborate with friends and colleagues. Best of all, make a change once and it will automatically updates everywhere. The SignagePlayer Web supports all popular desktop browsers including Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Certifies and sells the ScreenScape Connect and MediaDroid 90, 150 and Media Box 200 & 300 with signage player software loaded and ready to plug in and go. Android HDMI sticks were available for digital signage first by our partner almost a year ago. MediaDroid 90 is a second generation HDMI media player.

Media Sign Digital Signage   FREE Professional Digital Signage for everyone.wmv
Digital Signage Video
Download, test for free now.Our monthly cloud price includes unlimited screens per location versus a monthly fee per media player.
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